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Krishna Menon

Prof. Krishna Menon



Dean , School of Human Studies


  • PhD – Department of Political Science, University of Delhi
  • MPhil- Centre for Political Studies, JNU
  • MA- Centre for Political Studies, JNU
  • BA (Hons) Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi

Past Experience

  • Professor, Gender Studies (2016-)
  • Dean, School of Human Studies (2017-), Ambedkar University Delhi
  • AUD - M A Gender Studies, BA – Political Science electives, MA School of Design
  • Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi (1990-2016)
  • Director, Aung San Suu Kyi Centre for Peace, LSR ( 2015-16)
  • University of Delhi- BA (hons) Political Science, MA Political Science.

My Zone / Area of Expertise

Resource Person at International and National Workshop: 

  • Menon, Krishna ( January 7th, 2019) Lecture on ‘ Global feminism- Contexts and Challenges’ at the international workshop organized by Women’s Studies and Development Centre and the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies with the Women’s Studies department of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, USA. 
  •  Menon, Krishna ( January 5th, 2019) Resource person at a workshop titled Gender Equity and Inclusion: Transformative Pathways in Higher Education at St. Teresa’s College, Kochi organized by WISCOMP as part of a project on Gender Equity: Women’s Equality, Empowerment and Leadership through Safe Higher Educational and Work Spaces Project supported by the Public Affairs Department of the American Embassy
  • Menon, Krishna ( December 13th, 2018) Panelist on Gendering the Smart Safe City Workshop organized by King’s College, London and JAGORI and supported by UK Arts and Humanities Research Council on ‘Gender and the Smart City’
  • Menon, Krishna (22-25 January 2016) Engendering Research-Perspectives and Possibilities- International Workshop for faculty from Sherubtse College, Royal Bhutan Embassy, Bhutan organized by WISCOMP, New Delhi. 
  • Menon, Krishna ( July 5th, 2018) Conducted a workshop on Gender Sensitization on behalf of the National Commission for Women, at the Kerala Police Academy, Thrissur, Kerala for 600 women recruits in the Kerala Police. 
  • Menon, Krishna ( December 18th, 2017)Resource Person in the National Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming and Research on Women’s Issues organized by the WSDC DU in collaboration with Commonwealth of Universities Association- presentation on What is Feminist Theory. 
  • Menon, Krishna ( May 16th, 2017) Chief Guest and Speaker at the consultative workshop organized by PRAGYA ( UN Trust Fund)  on Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women of Ethnic Minority Communities
  • Menon, Krishna (January 14th, 2017) Writing Research Papers- Ís there a Feminist Research Method- questions of inter disciplinarity ‘Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi. 
  • Menon, Krishna (24th November 2015) ‘Creative Dialogues on Violence Prevention’ , WISCOMP, India International Centre, Resource Person ‘Resisting Violence- In Pursuit of Equality’- 
  • Menon, Krishna (5th, 2015, August) Qualitative Research Methodology workshop. NUEPA, New Delhi Resource Person- ‘Feminist Research Methodology’ 
  • Menon, Krishna (29th, December. 2015) In-service Course for Post Graduate Teachers of Computer Sc (2nd Spell) 2015-16. Kendriya Vidyalaya organized by MHRD, GOI. Resource Person- Law and Gender in the Workplace. 

Membership of Committees

  • Menon, Krishna ( July 19th, 2018) Appointed by the  Honorable LG of Delhi as a member of the Task Force on Women’s Safety in Delhi
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2018)  Appointed Expert Member at  Defence Institute of Psychological Research, DRDO for a project on  Indian Defence Forces- Gender and Peacekeeping Operations. 
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2018 onward) Expert on the Gender Studies Department Board of NCERT
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2018) Expert Doctoral Advisory Board, Gender Studies, IGNOU
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2019) External Member on the ICC of National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Haryana. 
  • The Board of Studies of AUD, School of Undergraduate Studies 2014-2017 
  • Board of Studies of the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie (2014-2016) 
  • The ethics committee of SAMA, an NGO working on the issue of the rights of surrogate women in India (2010-2011) 
  • Convener, M A programme in gender studies, Ambedkar University 2010 
  • Member Text Book Committee of NCERT, 2005-2008 

Panel Discussion

  • Menon, Krishna ( August 11th, 2018) Panelist at Shiv Nadar School NOIDA, Panel discussion titled The Dialogue on Nationalism with Siddharth Vardarajan, Rukmini Sen and Zakka Jacob 
  • Menon, Krishna (January 19th, 2018) Panelist at a Panel Discussion organized by the IIC titled Police: Security, Crimes and Women’s Safety in Delhi as a part of a series titled Delhi Matters. Chaired by Dr. Meenakshi Gopinath, co panelists were Mr. Sanjay Baniwal, IPS and Dr. Kalpana Vishwanath. Menon, K ( March 17th, 2017) 
  • Menon, Krishna (2017) Chaired a panel titled The Female Body and its Fragments: Negotiation, Violence and Resistance in South Asia and presented a paper titled The Many Bodies of Indian Democracy at the International Conference of the Association for Asian Studies in Toronto, Canada.
  • Menon, Krishna ( November 30th, 2016) Chair and Presenter of a panel titled Education and Socialization to Counter Gender Bias and Discrimination- at the National Consultation on ‘Effective Intervention and Communication Strategies to Counter Violence Against Women’ organized by WISCOMP, New Delhi
  • Menon, K (2016) Chair of Panel on Understanding Social Sciences and Humanities, organized by MentorYes at India International Centre, June 3rd, 2016
  • Menon, K. (2016) Introduced the book “Feminist Subversion and Complicity: Governmentalities and Gender Knowledge in South Asia."  Edited by- Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay  (Zubaan Books) at the book launche and panel discussion at Ambedkar University Delhi. August 24th, 2016 
  • Menon, K. (2015). Chair at Panel Discussion on Gender, Conflict ICSSR National Seminaron ‘Gender, Identity and Migration in India’, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi,  August, 2015. 
  • Panelist -Strengthening Public Discourse on Domestic Violence-Centre for Advocacy and Research (CFAR) 11th December, 2015
  • Panelist-Developing the Idea of School of Life: Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Exchange, International Centre for Advocacy and Research. New Delhi. 24th,August, 2015

Academic Consultancy: 

Menon, Krishna (August 23rd, 2018) invited to participate in a Round Table discussion on Dissemination of Harmful Messages on Social Media- by NLU, Delhi as part of consultations with  Chris Daniels, CEO of Whatsapp at Hotel Claridges, New Delhi.  

Menon, Krishna (June 1, 2017) Invited by National Commission for Women,  to join a consultative meeting for agenda setting towards new research directions. 

Menon, K. ( January 27th, 2017) Jury member of the Sahas award given by WISCOMP for initiatives against violence against women. 

Nominated as a member of the Study -Group constituted by Government of N.C.T. Delhi  to study and analyse issues relating to women safety in the National Capital Territory of Delhi- 7th, March 2017. 

Keynote Address

  • Menon, Krishna (September 12th, 2018) Special speaker at the National Conference organized by Women, Power and Connect and Freidrich Ebert Stiftung on ‘What is politics and how is feminism a political issue? Why is feminism relevant to students.” 
  • Menon, Krishna ( November 15th, 2018) Keynote speaker at a ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on ‘Women of Marginalized Communities: Concerns about Exclusions” at Aligarh Muslim University 
  • Menon, Krishna ( January 19th, 2018) Keynote address on Democracy and Diversity at the International Conference on Deepening Diversity, Women’s Rights and Democracy at IIC. Organized by CAFI, Manipur Gun Survivors Network, Northesat India Initiative for Peace in collaboration with MARG, supported by EU. 
  • Menon, K. ( 2016)  at the Inauguration of the School of Life for survivors of domestic violence organized by CFAR at Mandoli Village, Delhi. May 30th, 2016. 
  • Menon, K. (2016). . Democracy, Social Exclusion and Rights in Contemporary India, lecture delivered at National Seminar organized by Miranda House, University of Delhi, supported by ICSSR, April 19th,2016. 
  • Menon, K. (2016) Invited speaker at a seminar on Recognizing the Milestones and Challenges Ahead, organized by Centre For Advocacy Research at IIC. October 15th, 2016. 

Feminist Judgement Writing Project

  • Menon, Krishna ( May 16th, 2018) Critical Reader, Indian Feminist Judgment Writing Project. Global Jindal University. 
  • Menon, Krishna ( October 7th, 2018) Commentary on the Charu Khurana vs Union of India Judgement at the Indian Feminist Judgement Writing Project organized by Global Jindal University, Ambedkar University Delhi . 
  • Other Interests
  • Trained Bharatanatyam, Odissi and Mohimiattam dancer with over two decades of stage experience
  •  Trained Carnatic musician with advanced training. 

Classical Dance Reviews

  • Classical Dance Critic of the Indian Express (New Delhi Edition)- 1993-96


  • Jury member at the Laadli Media Awards given by Women’s Feature Services- Jury meeting on February, 25th 2017 at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. 
  • Teacher of Distinction Award - University of Delhi, 2009


Research Supervisions:

  • MPhil- 4 awarded
  • PhD- 3 awarded

Book Authored/Edited:

  • Menon, (Krishna) Sanjay Baniwal, Pamela Singla, Nimesh Desai, Monica Kumar and O P Misra ( co authored) (2018) Women’s Safety In The National Capital Territory of Delhi: A Report. Delhi Police. ISBN: 978-91-5311-490-9
  • Menon, Krishna (January, 2017) Resisting violence-Annotated Bibliography and Documents on Initiatives to Challenge Violence Against Women. WISCOMP, New Delhi. ISBN: 978-81-923813-6-7
  • Menon, K. (2015) .Women and Political Process. Indira Gandhi National Open University. New Delhi. (ISBN: 978-81-266-6856-4)
  • Menon, K. (2013). Classical Political Theory. MHRD Government of India. Retrieved from
  • Menon, K., Bannerjee M., Priyam M. (2009). Human Rights, Gender and Environment. New Delhi: Pearson. (ISBN 978-81-317-1325)

Chapters in Books/ Textbooks:

  • Menon, Krishna (2019) The ‘right’ music: caste and ‘classical’ music in south India in Discourse on Rights in India-Debates and Dilemmas edited by Bijayalaxmi Nanda and Nupur Ray. Routledge. New York. pp 338-345. ISBN 978-0-366-20045-9
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2018) Deepening Democracy-Women’s Rights and Democracy in Addressing Democracy, Diversity, Racial and Gender Based Violence with Focus on Sexual Violence in Conflict Areas in India edited by Binalakshmi Nepram. MARG and EU. Delhi. Pp 44-8.
  • Menon, Krishna (2018) ‘Women’s Political Participation in India’ in Women and Empowerment in Contemporary India edited by Brati Biswas and Ranjana Kaul. Worldview. Delhi pp 66-82 ISBN: 978-93-82267-25-6
  • Menon, Krishna (2018) ‘ State Intervention in Women’s Rights’ in Women and Empowerment in Contemporary India edited by Brati Biswas and Ranjana Kaul. Worldview. Delhi. Pp 156-168. ISBN: 978-93-82267-25-6
  • Menon, Krishna and Johri, Rachana. (2017)’ In the Middle: Mediating The Mall, Home and The World Outside’ in Locating Gender in the New Middle Class in India, IIAS, Shimla. pp 149-71. ISBN:978-93-82396-44-4
  • Menon, Krishna (2017) “Anekantavada’ in attendance published by Ashish Mohan Khokar. New Delhi. pp 63-6. ISBN:817017538
  • Malhotra M., & Menon, K. (2016) 'State Intervention in Women's Rights'. In Women and Empowerment in Contemporary India, Edited by Brati Biswas and Ranjana Kaul. Worldview Publications, pp 142-154. New Delhi. 2016.
  • Menon, K ( 2016) ‘On the Question of Free Speech and Censorship’ in The State of Hurt Sentiment, Politics, Censorship ed. Rina Ramdev, Sandhya D Nambiar and Debatiya Bhattacharya Sage , New Delhi, ISBN978-93-515-0304-0 pp252-267.
  • Menon, K. (2015). Conventional Understanding of the Political. In Women and the Political Process (pp. 11-20). New Delhi: IGNOU. (ISBN: 978-81-266-6856-4)
  • Menon, K. (2015). Feminist Perspectives of Political. In Women and the Political Process (pp. 22-34). New Delhi: IGNOU. (ISBN: 978-81-266-6856-4)
  • Menon, K. (2014). Dalit Feminism and the Question of Violence. In Vij, Bhatia and Pandey (Eds.). Women’s Studies in India (pp. 222-233). New Delhi: Rawat Publications. (ISBN 978-81-316-0634-6)
  • Menon, K. (2012). Secularism and the Communal Challenge. In The Nature of the Indian State (pp. 23-33). New Delhi: NCERT. (ISBN: 978-81-266-6018-6)
  • Menon, K. (2011). Human Rights: A Theoretical Foray. In S. Motilal (Ed.). Applied Ethics and Human Rights (pp. 57-66). London: Anthem Press. (ISBN 978-93-80601- 35-9)
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  • Menon, K. (2008). Sovereignty. In Rajeev Bhargava and Ashok Acharya (Eds.). Political Theory (pp. 156-168). New Delhi: Pearson Longman. ( ISBN 978-81-317- 0625-1)
  • Menon, K. (2011). Women as Question/women in Question in the West: 19th and 20th Centuries. In Theories of Women’s and Gender Studies (pp. 13-34). IGNOU. New Delhi. (ISBN: 978-81-266-5756-8)
  • Menon, K. (2005). Why do we need a Parliament? In Social and Political Life- part III (pp. 30-41). New Delhi: NCERT. (ISBN 978-81-7450-825-6)
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  • Menon, K. (2003). Key Elements of a Democratic Government. In Social and Political Life-Part I (pp. 35-42). New Delhi: NCERT. (ISBN 81-7450-5113)


  • Menon, K. & Damodaran, S. (2007). Migrant Women and Wage Employment: Exploring Issues of Work and Identity among Health Care Professionals .V.V. Giri National Labour Institute NLI Research Studies Series No: 073/2007
  • Papers and Editorial Positions in Journals (National/International):
  • Menon, K (Winter 2018) The State of Care: Work, Ethics and Gender, Journal ‘Contemporary Social Scientist’. Volume X ii Mizoram Central University.23-30 (ISSN No: 2230 956X)
  • Menon, K. and Johri, R. (2014) Daily Border Crossings: Negotiations of gender, body and subjectivity in the lives of women workers in urban malls. Cultural Encounters, Conflicts, and Resolutions, 1(1), 1-24. (ISSN XXXX-XXXX)
  • Menon, K. (2013). [Review Article - Democracy and its institutions, by A. Beteille]. Studies in Indian Politics, 246-48. (ISSN: 23210230).
  • Menon, K. (2012). Divine Music, Evil Women-Gender and Music in the Making of Modern South India, Prague, Czech Republic, May. (Retrieved from making-of-download-w894/ )
  • Menon, K. (2009). Current Research Trends in Indian Politics: The Debate between Development and Democracy, Journal of South Asian Studies, 15(1), 262-92. (ISSN 1598-1061)
  • Menon, K. (1995) Politics in Kerala. The IIC Quarterly, 22 (2-3), 17-26. (ISSN No. 0376-9771)
  • Menon, K. (1990). Frauen Und Recht InIndien: Aspekte Eines Strebens Nach Freiheit in Indien In Der Gegenwart. New Delhi. Band IV (1-2), 47-62. (R. No. 6551796)


  • Menon,K (forthcoming) When women Study. Peace Prints.

Editorial Boards:


  • Menon, Krishna (2017) Associate Editor, International Feminist Journal of Politics

National –

  • Menon, Krishna ( 2017 onward )appointed on the National Advisory Board of the Journal ‘Contemporary Social Scientist’ UGC approved peer reviewed journal published by the Mizoram University.ISSN No: 2230 956X
  • Menon, K (forthcoming) editor of the forthcoming issue of Peace Prints
  • Peer Reviewer
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2018) Peer Reviewer for the IFJP
  • Menon, Krishna ( 2017 onward appointed on the National Advisory Board of the Journal ‘Contemporary Social Scientist’ UGC approved pree reviwed journal published by the Mizoram University.ISSN No: 2230 956X
  • Peer Reviewer: Global Public Health- An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice ISSN 1744-1692 (Print), 1744-1706 (Online) Routledge, USA
  • Peer Reviewer for the Journal of Creative Communication, Ahmadabad: Sage. Print ISSN: 0973-2586; Online ISSN: 0973-2594. November, 2014
  • Blogs
  • Menon, Krishna (November 25, 2018) a blog to mark the Sixteen Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence as part of the UGC UKIERI project with the University of Edinburgh

Research Projects (International and National)

  • Menon, Krishna (October 2018) Project with WISCOMP and the American Embassy Delhi Hamsa to study gender equity on university and college campuses across India.
  • Menon, Krishna and Sen, Rukmini (January, 2019) Knowledge Partners with Azad Foundation for an international Conference on Making Non-Traditional Livelihoods ( NTL) work for the marginalized.
  • Krishna Menon (2017-2019 (Principal Investigator), Rachana Johri, Sumangala Damodaran, Rukmini Sen and Bindu K.C.and a team from the University of Edinburgh, awarded the UGC-UKIERI research grant for two years. 2017-2019. Teaching Feminisms, Transforming Lives: Questions of Identity, Pedagogy and Violence in India and the UK.”- Rs. 49 Lakhs.
  • Dr. Krishna Menon (along with Dr. Rachana Johri) received a grant from Ambedkar University in April, 2015 for the project titled ‘New Urban Spaces and the Negotiations of Women's Subjectivity’ (Amount to grant sanctioned: Rs. 2 Lakhs)

Book Reviews:

  • Menon, Krishna ( February, 2019) Through the Lens of Gender and Sexuality, Review of Dancing With the Nation by Ruth Vanita The Book Review, Volume XLIII, Number 2 pp36-38. ISSN No.0970-
  • Menon, Krishna ( August, 2018) The Evolving Politics of Odissi. Review of Languid Bodies Grounded Stances by Nandini Sikand in The Book Review Volume XLII Number 8pp30-32. ISSN No. 0970-4175
  • Menon, Krishna (2017)-' An Insider's Perspective ' review of the book Kathakali Dance- Theater:A Visual Narrative of Sacred Indian Mime in The Book Review. New Delhi. pp 35-7. ISSN: No. 0970-4175.
  • Menon, K (2016) [Review of Jalsa: Indian Women and their Journeys From the Salon to the Studio] pp 68-69. Volume XL No. 10. October, 2016. ISSN:No 0970-4175
  • Menon, K (2016) [Review of Feminisms of Discontent: Contestations edited by Ashleigh Barnes,], pp 7-8. ISSN:No 0970-4175
  • Menon, K. (2016)[ Review of Indian Classical Dance The Renaissance and Beyond by Leela Venkataraman.] january/1/the-story-of-indian-dance.html ISSN: 0970-4175. Pp 37-39.
  • Menon, K. (2015). [Review of the book Crafting through Words, Shaping the world: Women Writers on themselves, by M. Kapur (Eds)]. The Book Review, XXXIX (3). (ISSN: 0970-4175) Retrieved from through-words.html
  • Menon, K. (2014). Of Ownership and Control. [Review of the book Women, Land and Power in Asia, by M.K. Raj & G. Kelkar]. The Book Review, XXXVIII (3). (ISSN: 0970-4175) Retrieved from 2485/2014/february/2/of-ownership-and-control.html
  • Menon, K. (2014). [Review of the book Gender and Neo-Liberalism, by E. Armstrong]. The Book Review, XXXVIII (6), 25-26. (ISSN: 0970-4175) Retrieved from approach-to-political-economy.html
  • Menon, K. (2014). [Review of the book Ladyland, by B.R. Shekhawat]. The Book Review, XXXVIII (8), 33. (ISSN: 0970-4175) Retrieved from fable.html
  • Menon, K.(2013). [Review of the book A grief to bury: Memories of love, work and loss, by V. Kannabiran]. Intersections: Gender and Sexuality in Asia and the Pacific, 32. (ISSN: 14409151). Retrieved from
  • Menon, K. (2012). [Review of the book Family and the Law in India, by F. Agnes]. The Book Review, XXXVI (3), 64. (ISSN: 0970-4175) Retrieved from family-and-the-law.html
  • Menon, K. (1999). [Review of the book Interrogating Culture, by S. Joseph]. Seminar, 475, 81-82. (ISSN: 0971-6742)

Articles in newspapers:

  • Menon K. (2016). 'Marital Rape and the Dynamics of Power' in The Asian Age/The Deccan Chronicle, New Delhi, May 7th, 2016.
  • Menon K. (2016) 'Society is the Real Widow Maker' in The Asian Age, New Delhi, March 31st, 2016. Retrieved from
  • Menon, K (2016) 'What Women Want' in The Asian Age , New Delhi, March 8th, 2016
  • Menon, K (2016) ‘Temples of Equality’ in The Deccan Chronicle/ Asian Age, New Delhi, January 30th, 2016.
  • Memorial Lectures Delivered (International and National)
  • Menon, Krishna ( 20th February,2018) Delivered the Chrystal MacMillan Lecture at the University of Edinburgh ‘ Feminist Explorations of Contemporary South Asia’.
  • Krishna ( January 28th, 2019) Delivered Professor Nirmal Kanti Majumdar Memorial Lecture at the Department of Political Science and Economics, Presidency University , Kolkata on ‘ Feminist Pedagogy and the Challenges and Possibilities of Teaching Feminist Movements in South ASia’


  • Menon, Krishna ( October 26th, 2018) recorded a video lecture titled Gender Violence and Human Rights for the Orientation Programme for teachers on the Disciplines – Human Rights, Environment and Ethics. Ramanujan College has been notified by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) as one of the 75 National Resource Centres (NRC) and entrusted with the responsibility of developing the Module of the Course to be imparted as MOOCs using the MHRD’s SWAYAM platform.
  • Paper Presented in National/ International Conferences

International Conferences

  • Menon, Krishna (October 25th, 2018) Chaired a session on Identity, Race and Gender at the International Conference on Northeast India and Southeast Asia: Exploring Continuities, organized by North East Forum , Centre for Community Knowledge, AUD/ICSSRMenon, Krishna ( April 3rd, 2018) Presentation of a Paper titled When Women Study at the international conference organized by the International Feminist Journal of Politics in San Francisco, USA.
  • Menon, Krishna ( March 7th, 2018) Presentation at an international conference organized by the Embassy of Costa Rica in India in collaboration with the Brahma Kumari Retreat Center on Women and Spirituality.
  • Menon, Krishna ( February, 19th 2018))Presented a paper titled ‘ Towards Equality and Freedom- Women’s Education in India” as part of the joint research project granted by the UGC UKIERI - AUD and University of Edinburgh, at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Menon, Krishna (February 2018)- Chair session : Mediums of Knowledge Production. University of Edinburgh, as part of the UGC UKIERI project
  • Menon, Krishna ( January 2nd, 2017) Presented a seminar paper on ‘Transnational Feminims: Issues of Marginalisation and Intersectionality” organized by Women's Studies Department of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, USA in collaboration with Indian Institute of Dalit Studies and Women's Studies and Development Centre, University of Delhi in the seminar course on Transnational Feminism: Issues of Marginalisation and Intersectionality.
  • April 11th, 2017- Presented a paper titled : The Pedagogy of Feminism and The Nation-State in the international conference on Walking the Talk: Feminist Reflections on International Practices- South Asian University and International Feminist Journal of Politics.
  • Menon, Krishna ( December 5th, 2017)Presented a paper titled ‘ Towards Equality and Freedom- Women’s Education in India” as part of the joint research project granted by the UGC UKIERI - AUD and University of Edinburgh, at IIC.
  • Menon, K. (2015). Schooling the Indian Woman’s Body-Questions of Gender and Globalization in Asia’, International Conference on the Social Sciences, Sociology and Globalization in Asia., Hiroshima, Japan, August 24th-26th, 2015
  • Menon, K. (2015). The Temple, The Stage and The Bar, International Conference Association of Asian Studies Chicago, USA, March, 2015.
  • Menon, K. (2014). Free Speech and Censorship in India, International Conference on ‘Public Deliberation and Global Affairs’, Arctic University, Norway, June, 2014.
  • Menon, K. (2014). The New Middle Class and Gender in India, International Conference on ‘Locating gender in the new middle class in India’ IIAS, Shimla. Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and Women’s Studies and Development Centre, University of Delhi, March, 2014
  • Menon, K. (2012). Dalit feminist notions of rape and violence, International Conference
  • ‘Feminism and The Law’, ILS Law College, Pune and University of New South Wales, and University of Technology, Sydney, February, 2012.
  • Menon, K. (2013). Feminism and the Exclusion of Women with Disabilities, International Conference on ‘Social Exclusion: Meanings and Perspectives’, Centre for study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies, Central University, Hyderabad, March, 2013.
  • Menon, K. (2012). Gender and Democracy, International Conference on ‘Gender, Democracy and Peace building in South Asia’, Ninth Annual Conflict Transformation Workshop, WISCOMP, New Delhi, January, 2012.
  • Menon, K. (2011). Creative Uncertainty of Political Theory, International Conference on
  • ‘Forum on Contemporary Theory. Transcending Disciplinary Decadence Exploring Challenge sof Teaching, Scholarship and Research’ in the Humanities and the Social Sciences Temple University, USA and Baroda University, and IIS University, Jaipur, December, 2011.
  • Menon, K. (2011). Dalit Feminist Understanding of rape and violence, International conference ‘Other Indias: The Richness of Indian Multiplicity’, University of La Laguna, Spain, November, 2011.
  • Menon, K. (2011). Dalit Feminism and the Question of Violence, International Seminar on ‘In the Name of Honour: A Dailogue on Andocentric Matrimonial practises and Women’s Subjugation in South Asia’, Women’s Studies and Development Centre, Academic Research Centre, University of Delhi, February, 2011

Publications in newsletters

  • Menon, K. (2012). ‘Mohiniyattam’, India International Centre Diary, 2012.
  • Menon, K. (2003). ‘South Breeze’, India International Centre Diary, 2003.
  • Menon, K. (2000). ‘Secularism Re-examined’, India International Centre Diary, 2000.
  • Menon, K. (1999). ‘Annual Visit’, India International Centre Diary, 1999.
  • Menon, K. (1998). ‘Community Health as in Kerala’, India International Centre Diary, 1998.
  • Menon, K (1990). ‘Inequality and Democracy’, India International Centre Diary, 1990.
  • Lectures Delivered (national and international)
  • Menon, Krishna ( March 8th, 2019) Delivered a lecture on the Significance of International Women’s Day at Lakshmi Bai College, University of Delhi
  • Menon, Krishna ( October 11th, 2018) Delivered two lectures ‘Grammar of Democracy’ and ‘Women, Democracy and Change’ at the Dr. MCR HRD Institute, Govt. of Telanagana - 93rd Foundation Course for Civil Service Probationers.
  • Menon, Krishna ( November 2nd, 2018) delivered a lecture on Understanding Gender as a par to the Key Concepts and Critical Thinking Course organized by St. Stephens’s College.
  • Menon, Krishna ( November 27th, 2018) Resource person -at the Faculty Development Program, Hans Raj College, University of Delhi- lectured on ‘ Mapping Women’s and Gender Studies’
  • Menon, Krishna ( December 3rd, 2018) Resource Person- at the Faculty Development Program,Hans Raj College, University of Delhi- lectured on ‘ Question of Feminist Pedagogy- Teaching the Nation State’
  • Menon, Krishna (September 29th, 2018) Delivered a lecture at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussourie on ‘Grammar of Democracy ‘at the 93rd Foundation Course for the Officer Trainees.
  • Menon, Krishna (March 19th, 2018) Lecture on History of Feminisms at VIPS affiliated with the IP university to students of Law.
  • Menon, Krishna (January 25th, 2018) Speaker at a workshop organized by the Department of History, Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi on ‘ Making an Argument’
  • Menon, Krishna (June 19th, 2018) Delivered a lecture on Índia- in Pursuit of Democracy’ at the American Institute of Indian Studies to a faculty group from the University of Denver, Colorado.
  • Menon, Krishna (9th and 10th October, 2017) Delivered Lectures on ‘The Grammar of Democracy’ at the 92nd Foundation Course at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.
  • Menon, Krishna ( November 24th, 2017) Delivered a public lecture at the St. Teresa’s College (Autonomous) , Ernakulam, Kerala on Transnational Feminism with Special Focus on South Asian Feminism.
  • Delivered a lecture at the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation ( A Government of India Undertaking) on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2017.
  • 'Understanding Marxist Feminism and Radical Feminism' at the National Workshop on Feminist Theory organized by Women's Studies and Development Centre, University of Delhi on March 1st 2016
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